Please read the Security Alert for Vistered Little

I have just stumbled upon the Vistered Little Theme for WordPress and I have to admit I’m smitten. I’ve switched the site to use it and in the process found a few bugs/issues:

  • The default wallpaper is not available in the wallpaper list
  • The wallpaper thumbnails require the entire set of wallpapers to be downloaded, making the site very very heavy (at least on first load)
  • There are extra images in the images directory that are not references (e.g. old wallpapers)
  • There is some redundant PHP code and redundant generated CSS/JS

I’ve tweaked the theme to fix these issues and you can download it for yourself below:

  • Updated Vistered Little Theme

If you do download it, do the original author a favor and download it from the WordPress theme site as well (if you haven’t already).

Everything mentioned above is fixed. To overcome the thumbnail issue, there is a new thumbs directory within the wallpapers directory. If there is an image in the thumbs directory with the same name as an image in the wallpapers directory, then the theme will use the image in the thumbs directory as the thumbnail; Otherwise, the wallpaper is used as the thumbnail (same a previous behaviour). This fix is not without side effects; If a thumbs image is used, then when switching to this wallpaper, the background will momentarily become white until the new wallpaper is loaded.

Hope you find the changes useful.

Update 2006-09-05: Added an option for a default wallpaper, fixed more IE issues (there should be none remaining), and wallpaper selection gracefully degrades with javascript turn off.

Update 2006-09-08: Skins now go in the skins directory and are automatically detected. Added the default-flex skin, which isn’t visually as nice (IMO) as the default skin, but automatically resizes with the brower width (to certain limits), which I need for some other stuff I’m doing.

Update 2006-09-14: 404 page has been updated for the changes made to support default-flex. Version number is now 1.6a to avoid conflicts with other versions.

Update 2006-12-17: For some reason when vistered little 1.6a is enabled, you can no longer use the theme editor or plugin editor functionality within WordPress. At this stage the root cause is unknown and there is no ETA on a fix. Sorry :(

Update 2007-01-07: Scott from Scott-O-Rama asked if I had a tip jar. Here it is:

Please don’t feel obliged, I would actually prefer links to my site. If you do donate, please let me know what feature you would most like to see in your next version. Also, please let me know if you would like the donation to be anonymous.

Update 2007-02-08:It’s possible to get the theme editor and plugin editor working again while using vl 1.6a by simply replacing $file with $vl_file in functions.php. 😀

Update 2007-03-17:Vistered Little 1.7 is now available 😀
Update 2007-05-24:I’ve closed the comments on this post as 1.6 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to the latest version of Vistered Little.