Late on the 5th of June we received a support ticket from a potential customer wanting to talk about BWUnit. They were evaluating BWUnit and had encountered a problem; it wasn’t working with the version of TIBCO BusinessWorks they were using. We have great confidence in our continuous delivery pipeline, so we told them we would have it back ported by the 11th; six days. Instead we delivered a release-ready version to them in half that time, just three days later. This would not have been possible without BWUnit.

We use BWUnit for TDD and BDD style testing of BWUnit. This allows us to make changes with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if we break something as a result of a dependency we hadn’t considered, then the tests will let us know. Also, BWUnit allows for very short test-code-test cycles. We quickly receive a large amount of feedback, which helps us stay on track when implementing rapid changes. The end result is a three-day cycle time. Awesome.

BWUnit can help you achieve similar short cycle times for your BusinessWorks projects. The changes we needed to make to solve our problem were not insignificant. Our experience on client sites without BWUnit is that a similar change would have taken between one and six months to get into UAT.

Start using BWUnit today and let us help you radically reduce the time it takes to deliver new functionality and fixes for your business.