TIBant v18 has been released and now provides support for no-outage deployments.

Features Implemented:

  • No Outage Deployments

    The `deploy` target will do a rolling restart of impacted BW instances, using AppStatusCheck to make sure each instance is running before moving onto the next. This means that in HA scenarios, there will be no outage.

  • Add Support for AppStatusCheck

    An `appStatusCheck` task will set ant properties with the current application statuses, using AppStatusCheck under the covers. An `instanceStatusCheck` task will do the same for a particular instance and can be used as a condition to check for a particular status.

TIBant is the premier build automation framework for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ and allows you to free up your time so that you can spend more energy and development dollars on delivering crucial integration and services and less time on the basics of writing the scripts necessary to get your code built and into production.