Nominations Closing Soon for Windy Road’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant Award

Nominations are closing in less than a week for Windy Road™’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant Award.

Make sure you get your nomination in before 11:59pm on 6th of Feb, 2014, or ask a colleague to nominate you today, so they have time to agree before the deadline closes.
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Nominations Open for Windy Road’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant

Who do you think is Sydney’s best TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Consultant? Nominate them now.

Nominations for Windy Road™’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant Award are open from now until 11:59pm on 6th of Feb, 2014.

Windy Road’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant Award is run by Windy Road Technology Pty. Ltd. in an effort to find and to recognise the best of the best among Sydney’s TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultants.

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Cucumber-JVM + The Grinder + Math = Performance.Testing.Heaven

Given the message logging engine is running Passed
When a production peak hour of messages is sent to the message logger at 5 times production throughput Passed
Then 95% of the messages should be logged within 30s Passed
And 100% of the messages should be logged within 60s Failed
And 100% of the messages should be logged successfully Skipped

Without seeing any of the technical details, it is pretty clear what this test is doing and what the part of the test that failed actually means.

For many years we have seen performance testing done by others with very little meaning and no real statistical analysis.

We have seen unclear performance testing requirements, load applied that had very little resemblance to production load, lots of effort going into measuring metrics that were irrelevant and almost meaningless charts of CPU usage and memory usage.

We were excited when we were asked to try our hand at it, because we knew we could create something efficiently which had actual value.

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Get One Month of BWUnit™ Pro for Free

Fill in our simple survey before the end of August and we’ll send you a one month BWUnit Pro license for free. At the end of the free month, there’s no obligation.

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BWUnit™ v15 Released – Lite Version Now Available

BWUnit v15 has been released. We understand that many of you want the best development tools, but find it difficult or impossible to get purchase approvals, no matter how strong the business cases, so in BWUnit v15 we’ve introduced a Lite version, that you can download for free, and use forever. The Lite version allows you to write as many tests as you like using BWUnit’s great assertion library and run those tests from within TIBCO Designer. For more information on what you can and can’t do with the BWUnit Lite, head over to the BWUnit features page and grab a copy of BWUnit Lite.

Features Implemented:

Defects Fixed:


BWUnit™ v14 Released – Now with BusinessWorks Code Coverage Reports


BWUnit Code Coverage in Jenkins

BWUnit v14 has been released. We’ve been working hard on a bringing you coverage reports to show you what BW processes and activities are being tested, and which ones aren’t. The XML reports integrate easily with Jenkins, allowing you to easily see where you need to increase your testing and how your coverage has changed over time. We hope you’ll love this new feature as much as we do. Read the rest of this entry »

DevOps Quotes From a Director of Engineering at TIBCO

In Five Things You Need to Know About DevOps from a Director of Engineering, there are some great quotes from John Skovron, one of the Directors of Engineering at TIBCO.

“any CIO who is satisfied with a status quo of sludgy, slow deployments should be brushing up his resume, because he’s going to be looking for a new job soon.”

“manual methods are no longer cutting it”

To understand the financial benefits, have a look at The Value of Development Automation.


Broadening Your Test Vocabulary

When our test vocabulary is limited, then the types of tests we can rationalise about, plan and implement are similarly limited. This can be quite restrictive as it stops us from considering types of tests that might be more appropriate for a particular situation. Read the rest of this entry »

The Value of Development Automation

In the world of TIBCO BusinessWorks™ (BW) development, the concept of automation through integrating disparate systems is very familiar, with mature and advanced approaches such as EAI Patterns and SOA. Yet when it comes to the development processes for the integrations that we build, the typical level of automation is extremely low – or even non-existent – costing the business far more than most people recognise. Read the rest of this entry »

Finally, Logging and Monitoring for BW Done Right

We’ve just had a look at nJAMS and we’re thoroughly impressed. nJAMS is implemented the way logging and monitoring should be. It doesn’t require you to pollute your processes with inconsistent explicit logging activities; and just as importantly, it allows you to follow the flows of data through your various BW engines.

Have a look at the promotional video below and you’ll see what I mean.

When I used to run an ops team for a large BW installation, one of my biggest complaints was the lack of visibility (despite logging an average of 7GB a day using Common-LE). Now that I’ve seen what nJAMS can do, I would refuse to run a BW ops team without it.