Tom Howard is the founder of Windy Road and is a highly regarded senior IT professional with over ten years’ experience, predominantly in the integration space, with a core focus on delivering business value through process automation and optimisation.

Tom has a keen understanding of enterprise application integration (EAI) using message-oriented middleware (MOM), service-oriented architecture (SOA) using SOAP based, and more recently, REST based Web services.

Tom complements this with his broad knowledge and experience with the Lean, Agile and Waterfall delivery methodologies along with ITILv3 service management. Tom has successfully used these skills to drive significant improvements and efficiencies for the teams with which he has worked.

Tom is a leader in the test-driven development, build automation, and continuous delivery space, and he has developed a number of highly regarded tools to facilitate these activities in the TIBCO space.

Key Capabilities

  • Ability to quickly understand what the client requires (documented or not) and convert that into technical options
  • Proven ability to successfully deliver iteration projects, even when faced with seemingly impossible deadlines
  • Can use his MOM, SOAP, and REST experience to produce the most appropriate solution for the situation
  • Fosters process improvement and waste reduction as a core team value
  • Strong leadership skills and is able to influence outcomes to suit the client’s best long-term needs
  • Pragmatic with respect to what can be delivered with the available resources