At Deloitte Digital UK, we are big believers in Test Driven Development (TDD) and, in particular, Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) that focuses on defining clear acceptance tests with the business and then automating those tests.

For web projects in Java or .NET, we have always had a mature TDD toolchain. However, when we began working with TIBCO Business Works 5.x for a major client, we found ourselves frustrated by the lack of tools for TDD and BDD. All the solutions we found seemed to be bespoke or require significant and expensive consultancy, and focused only on acceptance testing of entire processes, not unit testing of the many sub-processes in a typical project. Frustrated, that was, until we found BWUnit.

By offering a pragmatic, robust solution for TDD and BDD with TIBCO Business Works, BWUnit has given our developers the tools they need to manage quality in their integration work on par with the approach we have come to expect in our web applications. This gives management and clients the confidence to enable rapid, ‘agile’ ways of working, reducing our reliance on error-prone manual testing, and allowing us to maintain our approach to quality throughout the stack. Coupled with Windy Road’s personal and responsive support, these factors have made BWUnit a staple of our TIBCO work for the past couple of years.

Martin Aspeli
Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital UK