BWUnit Code Coverage in Jenkins

BWUnit v14 has been released. We’ve been working hard on a bringing you coverage reports to show you what BW processes and activities are being tested, and which ones aren’t. The XML reports integrate easily with Jenkins, allowing you to easily see where you need to increase your testing and how your coverage has changed over time. We hope you’ll love this new feature as much as we do.

Features Implemented:

  • Coverage Reports

    The `run-tests` macro can now produce Emma compatible XML test coverage reports, which lets you quickly determine what processes and activities aren’t being tested.

  • Update BWUnit to use TIBant v15

  • Add XML Diff report to AssertEqual errors

    When an AssertEqual fails, it will now provide you with an XML diff of the expected and actual XML nodes, allowing you to quickly determine what and where the difference is.

  • Add Timeout to run-tests

    The `run-tests` macro now accepts a time-out attribute, which will be passed to the BW engine, so that you can have the engine automatically shutdown after the specified amount of time.

Defects Fixed: