TIBant v16 has been released.

TIBant is the premier build and deployment automation framework for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ and allows you to free up your time so that you can spend more energy and development dollars on delivering crucial integration and services and less time on the basics of writing the scripts necessary to get your code built and into production

Features Implemented:

  • Support Checkpoint Repository Source for `configure-ear`

    The `configure-ear` now supports selection of a checkpoint repository and table prefixes.

    The checkpoint repository and table prefix are set the following deployment properties.

    #par#-checkpoints-selected=<<resourcre name>>
    #par#-checkpoints-tablePrefix=<<database table prefix>>

  • Add support for starting the engine in the same JVM as Ant

    Previously, running BW engines used the `bwengine` to start the engine and TIBCO Hawk to stop the engine it. This could result in situations where it was not possible to stop the engine, due to Hawk not being correctly configured or if Hawk was not running.

    To overcome this, TIBant now provides additional macros for starting and stopping a BW engine within the same JVM as the Ant script, which ensures that the engine will stop when the Ant script completes.

  • Automatic TIBCO Path Detection

    Previously the paths for the various TIBCO products had to be set manually via Ant properties. TIBant will now try to determine the TIBCO product paths automatically, if the TIBCO product path properties have not been set.

Defects Fixed: