Script to wait untill Docker container is healthy

by Tom Howard, January 2020
#devops #software #docker #script

Here's a quick script that can be used to wait until a Docker container reports the status is heathly (or not).

It assumes the image has HEALTHCHECK configured

First arg is the container ID.


while true
  STATUS=`docker inspect --format='{{json .State.Health.Status}}' $1`
  if [ "$STATUS" == '"healthy"' ] ; then
    echo "$(date -u) Healthy!!!"
    sleep 1
    exit 0
  elif [ "$STATUS" == '"unhealthy"' ] ; then
    echo "$(date -u) Unhealthy!!!"
    sleep 1
    exit 9
  elif [ "$STATUS" == '"starting"' ] ; then
    echo "$(date -u) starting!!!"
    echo "Huh? $STATUS"
    sleep 1
    exit 10
  sleep 1