No, BW end-to-end implementations don’t need to be slow, cumbersome and expensive. BWUnit™ let’s you shorten your implementations, reduce cost and increase quality.

“…BWUnit has given our developers the tools they need… …This gives management and clients the confidence to enable rapid, ‘agile’ ways of working, reducing our reliance on error-prone manual testing, and allowing us to maintain our approach to quality throughout the stack…”
Martin Aspeli, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital UK

Windy Road BWUnit™ is a comprehensive software delivery automation framework for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™, which understands and addresses the end-to-end BW project-delivery process. While other tools focus solely on test automation, we know this is only a small part of what it takes to deliver your projects reliably and efficiently. BWUnit is the only product available that can fully automate every step of your BW project-delivery process, from the moment your developers commit their changes till their deployment into production, which can generate huge cost savings.

Take as an example a small 1 year BW delivery project with a run cost of $200K / month and a cost of delay to the business of $100K / month, using delivery automation to reduce the project duration by just 2 months, results in a saving of $600K. Find out more about the value of development automation, to get a better understanding of how much it’s costing you not to automate your BW delivery process.

Areas of the Value Stream Addressed

Areas of the BW Delivery Value Stream Addressed

Test Automation

BWUnit tests are written as BusinessWorks processes, not in an external framework. This uniquely allows BWUnit to test every inch of your BW Project, both internally as unit tests and externally as system tests, system integration tests and beyond. This also means your developers don’t waste time learning if the testing tool can invoke the BW interface they are trying to test; instead they use the exact same skills they used to develop the interface to develop the BW process to test it.

Traditional Testing Capabilities

Traditional Testing Tools Can’t Test All of Your BW Project

Of course, this also means that BWUnit supports the same vast array of protocols as BusinessWorks, such as TIBCO Rendezvous®, JMS, HTTP and JDBC using SOAP, XML or native formats. You name it – if you can build it with BusinessWorks or if BusinessWorks can integrate with it, then BWUnit can test it.

Automated Test Execution

Test automation and automated test execution are two sides of the one coin. To be of value, automated tests need to be executed reliably and frequently. But how can your tests be executed frequently if your BW engines are built and deployed manually? How can your tests be executed reliably if the tests and your engines are configured in an ad hoc manner? BWUnit gives you reliability and frequency by providing tooling to allow you to automate not just the test execution, but also the deployment and configuration of your BW engines across your environments.

Build Automation

BWUnit brings consistency to your BW build process, allowing you to create reliable repeatable builds that can be deployed across your environments. Automated builds with BWUnit can use the exact same configuration input that your developers use to launch TIBCO Designer and to validate the project, eliminating errors that occur when developers on the same project use different jars or design time libraries.

Deployment Automation

Deployments into production don’t need to be big-bang risky events that occur maybe once every 6 or 12 months. Deployment automation with BWUnit not only brings consistency to your deployments, but it can also greatly reduce the time your stakeholders have to wait for the deployment. At a typical client, deployment automation with BWUnit resulted in a dramatic change from one production deployment every 6 months, to three production deployments in less than a month, backed by over 200 deployments into other environments. The use of the same automated deployment process across all the environments greatly reduced the risk of the production deployment, because it had been shown to work so many times before in the other environments.

BWUnit deployment automation also reduces risk by allowing you to automate the rollback process. BWUnit can take a copy of your BW engines and their configuration in an environment prior to a deployment, then after the deployment, if your automated smoke test fails, the stored BW engine and its configuration can be redeployed, bringing the environment back to its previous state.

Deployment automation with BWUnit can also eliminate the business impact of your deployments. With BW engines running in a load-balanced or fault-tolerant configuration, BWUnit can upload the required changes and then apply those changes without a full outage by performing rolling restarts across the load-balanced or fault-tolerant group. By only stopping one engine at a time, the other engines can continue to process requests, which eliminates any outage during the deployment, and eliminates the cost to the business such an outage would incur.

Environment Configuration Automation

By automating the BW engine configuration process, BWUnit allows you to specify your specific configurations for each environment once and then apply each environment’s configuration consistently across all your BW engines, greatly reducing the chance of human error. It’s even smart enough to tell you if you’ve forgotten to add a password for a new database connection in your BW engine, before you deploy it into production.

BWUnit allows you to use the exact same configuration for deploying a BW engine, for executing your BWUnit tests and for debugging within TIBCO Designer. This helps bring reliability to your automated test execution and, if a test fails in a particular environment, your developers can easily and quickly bring up TIBCO Designer pointing to that environment, so they can start to debug the test failure.


It’s surprising how hard it is to integrate most SOA and ESB testing tools with other development tools, such as CI servers like Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo. BWUnit has been designed from the outset to make this integration easy, from executing your automated build, deployments and tests, to reporting the results of those tests. This allows you to create dashboards that clearly show what builds, tests and deployments are succeeding and failing and deployment pipelines that automatically deliver your BW project through the various environments, testing stages and into production, but are smart enough to stop the pipeline when it discovers a defect.

Continuous Delivery

BWUnit is the only product on the market that is focused on the continuous delivery of your BW projects into production, through the use of automation to increase quality and dramatically reduce cost and project duration. Start saving today.

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