Windy Road Technology is proud to announce the 16 nominees for Windy Road™’s Inaugural Sydney’s Best TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Consultant Award. All nominations came from industry peers who worked with the nominees in the greater Sydney area during 2013 and the reasons they gave for the nominations are included below. The nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

NOTE: The reasons given for the nominations have been edited where required. Every effort has been made to retain their original sentiment.

Ben Amiot

TIBCO Software Architect @ Commonwealth Bank

“I worked with Ben for more than six months for a client (CBA) on a very hard and challenging project in Sydney. He has a very deep knowledge of TIBCO BusinessWorks, from design patterns to the ‘trick and tips’. His contribution to the project was more than invaluable. He designed a great solution architecture to be implemented with BW, and he also was able to satisfy the customer’s frequently changing requests. He also did a lot of code reviews and bug fixes, improving a lot the quality of the code.”

– Roberto Oliva, TIBCO Software Consultant @ Commonwealth Bank

Darren Mason

Smart Integration Realtime Integration Technical Lead @ Commonwealth Bank

“Darren has successfully architected and participated in the delivery of many core integration projects on behalf of Smart Integration Australia Pty Ltd, during the Commonwealth Bank’s Core Banking Modernisation Program over the past 3 to 5 years.

As one of a handful of SOA Certified Architects in Australia, Darren’s leadership skills and attention to detail empowers him with the ability to overcome technically challenging obstacles, which in turn allowed CBA to achieve their own technical delivery deadlines, within and /or under budget.

For CBA, Darren has always continued to achieve more than the expectations paced on him by many of the projects, be it excelling in architecture, cost saving or adding deep technical value. The depth and breadth of his technical acumen seems to be complimented by a natural understanding of complex integration challenges and an innate ability to get the best out of those around him to support him in guaranteeing superior architecture and delivery.

I would highly recommend Darren for this award based on his passion for excellence and persistence in overcoming obstacles. It sets him apart from the rest of the group that SMART observed over a lengthy period.”

– Leon Heydenrych, Chief Executive Officer @ Smart Integration

Josh Tow

Smart Integration Solution Architect @ StarTrack

“In my 10+ years of operating in the integration space in Australia, I have never seen an individual more dedicated to his job, and unquestionably loyal to his employer. Josh Tow has been a tremendous asset to SMART, and we will continue to ensure a long-lasting working relationship.

Josh is most deserving of this award and of the sponsored prizes, one of which is to become a fully certified SOA Architect, with a globally recognised certification.

Josh is one of our STAR performers, and we wish him luck in being chosen for this award.”

– Leon Heydenrych, Chief Executive Officer @ Smart Integration

“Josh has shown great enthusiasm in providing solutions for various projects and has a solid understanding of the design patterns and architecture in the TIBCO SOA area.”

– Warren Chen, TIBCO Software Consultant @ StarTrack

“Josh has a very great vision about what he wants to achieve.

His willingness to try out new stuff (not bound to any software specific) and his determination to convince the stakeholders to come on board with his grand vision is instrumental in making it become a reality.

He has been through tough situations and overcome obstacles, which has made him a much more mature and experienced architect.

Vision + Action made Josh a great BW Consultant and he definitely deserves the award.”

– Sam Wei, Windy Road Tech Lead & Solution Designer @ StarTrack

Karthik Venkataraman

Independently Contracting Solution Architect @ Ausgrid

“I find Karthik’s greatest strength is that he is prepared to challenge anyone for the title, and will always find an alternate way to perform a function because he can. In saying that, if/when you do prove him wrong, then he is always man enough to admit it and accept your way of doing things and continue to use it himself.

Even if Karthik isn’t the best, what’s important is that he always tells you he’s the best!”

– Robert Kassis, Solution Architect @ AusGrid

Krishnan Ramaswamy

TIBCO Software Senior Consultant @ Office of State Revenue

TIBCO Software Senior Consultant @ Ausgrid

“Krishnan has a deep knowledge of a lot of TIBCO products including BW. He always finds ways to resolve a problem, so it will be interesting to see what he can do with this challenge.”

– Ben Amiot, TIBCO Software Architect @ TIBCO Software

“Krishnan is a diligent and hardworking individual who goes above and beyond whenever he is needed. Whilst he is a PSG resource, he manages to always act in the clients best interest, even when TIBCO engineering are being difficult and not helping with product defects.

All in all, he always acts in a professional and courteous manner.”

– Todd Clarke, TIBCO Developer @ AusGrid

Matt Milligan

Lead Analyst – Integration Technologies – ANZ Wealth @ ANZ

“Matt is the workhorse of the team at ANZ and he introduced me to the phrase ‘It’s like herding cats’.”

– Nick Grealy, Windy Road Senior Developer @ ANZ

Nathaniel Gollamandala

TIBCO Developer @ StarTrack

“Nathaniel works very well with others and is happy to do the work assigned to him, even if he has his hands full with other tasks. This can do and willing to learn attitude is really admirable. Not many developers these days are willing to listen and learn something new and outside their comfort zone.

He definitely deserves the award.”

– Sam Wei, Windy Road Tech Lead & Solution Designer @ StarTrack

Nick Grealy

Windy Road Senior Developer @ ANZ

“Nick joined our team and hit the ground running. He brought sound technical integration skills and a great enthusiasm to our team, whilst he was with us. He was a pleasure to work with, and worthy of the nomination.”

– Matt Milligan, Lead Analyst – Integration Technologies – ANZ Wealth @ ANZ

Roberto Oliva

TIBCO Software Consultant @ Commonwealth Bank

“I’m nominating Roberto as I’ve worked with him last year on a long project and he has great potential to win this. He knows the products very well and he is thorough in his development methods.”

– Ben Amiot, TIBCO Software Architect @ Commonwealth Bank

Sam Wei

Windy Road Tech Lead & Solution Designer @ StarTrack

“Sam is a great developer with hand on skills, great knowledge but also ambition to learn which never stops. He has no limits in what he can bring to the TIBCO team that he is working with.”

– Selin Ebeci, TIBCO developer @ StarTrack

“Sam is one of the best BW consultants I’ve worked with in the last year at StarTrack (previously Star Track Express).

During his time at StarTrack, his dedication to technical and professional excellence was exemplary. A couple particulars:

  • He’s demonstrated a commitment to developing and improving the development tools and processes, through build automation and coding best practices.
  • He’s was committed to building up those around him, through mentoring, team building and establishing a ‘developers forum’ to share and collaborate.
  • He’s committed to architecture principles, not governed by a technology or a particular vendor but governed by established industry best practices.

Sam Wei deserves the nomination and will make good use of the certification and training.

– Josh Tow, Smart Integration Solution Architect @ StarTrack

“He is very friendly and knowledgable.”

– Maryam Golestani, TIBCO Developer @ StarTrack

“I’m nominating Sam Wei, as a person with not only exceptional technical, but also with people skills. His proactive approach helped to improved several existing processes, such as deployment process, system efficiency, testing, etc…

He is a reliable, results oriented professional, with excellent problem-solving skills, who knows how to bring things to the end where others have already given up.

He has a great personality and is always keen to help if someone need. With his positive attitude toward the work and other team members he was also a great team motivator. It was a pleasure to work with him and I wish him well in the award, as I truly believe he deserves it for all of his hard work.”

– Lenka Klucikova, Business Analyst @ StarTrack

“Sam executed tasks like a kung fu master taking on all the evil emperor’s armies single handedly. Sam is adept at scribbling on a whiteboard, the result being akin to a Jackson Pollock painting, while demonstrating a solution for world peace or at least the system overview, translating technical concepts into a language that the average business person, business analyst or even Dilbert could understand.

Well done, Sam. You might well be the droid they are looking for.”

– Fred Coulson, Business Analyst @ StarTrack


– Bijo Kurian, Tester @ StarTrack

“Very quick learner and quickly responding on issues. Not just doing his job, but trying to achieve best results in his tasks, to find the best and most appropriate technical decision.”

– Alesia Perera, Test Analyst @ StarTrack

“A good developer , I enjoyed working with Sam. He has a go get attitude and likes new challenges.”

– Naveen Nair, Test Lead @ StarTrack

“Sam is the best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant as he has indepth knowledge about BW and has solved many difficult issues faced by colleagues. He is very good in designing and writing standardised BW processes which perform well.”

– Sreeni Eranki, TIBCO Software TIBCO SOA Consultant @ StarTrack

“Very solid understanding of the BW product in design area.”

– Warren Chen, TIBCO Software Consultant @ StarTrack

“Very Hard working


Strong Problem Solving Skills

Good Team Management Skill

Good Coordinator.”

– Nathaniel Gollamandala, TIBCO Developer @ StarTrack

“Sam has a strong technical knowledge of TIBCO BusinessWorks, work ethics and customer focus.”

– John Liu, Senior TIBCO Specialist @ StarTrack

Sreeni Eranki

TIBCO Software TIBCO SOA Consultant @ StarTrack

“Best developer I have worked with. Very accurate and willing to accept and resolve issues.”

– Naveen Nair, Test Lead @ StarTrack

“One of the best developers I have come across and luckily worked with. His methodology and approach to any problem/plan is very simple and perfect.”

– Pardeep Kumar, Senior Tester @ StarTrack

“Sreeni is very good developer and also a nice gentleman.”

– Sukhwinder Singh, Test Analyst @ StarTrack

“Dedicated and hardworking person.”

– Vijay Sriram, Senior Application Support @ StarTrack

“TIBCO Guru.”

– Srikanth Gali, Reporting Analyst @ StarTrack

“Good knowledge of TIBCO products and experienced consultant/developer.”

– John Liu, Senior TIBCO Specialist @ StarTrack

Tarun Tummala

Independently Contracting Consultant @ Ausgrid

“I nominate Tarun because he was always prepared to show me how to do things in BW, even though he could have been better off keeping that knowledge to himself for a competitive advantage.”

– Kevin Woo, EAI Developer @ Ausgrid

Todd Clarke

Independently Contractacting TIBCO Developer @ Ausgrid

“Having excellent TIBCO (including BusinessWorks) + Java + Spring + Integration skills + 100% commitment to complete the job in the best possible way within the constraints imposed makes Todd an ideal candidate for Sydney’s best TIBCO BusinessWorks Consultant.”

– Suhesh Pulikkal, TIBCO Integration Consultant & Team Lead @ Ausgrid

Tracey Scott

Permanently Employed Senior Systems Analyst & Architect @ Metcash Trading Limited

“Tracey has provided much expertise and experience in TIBCO development, initially as a TIBCO consultant and later as a permanent employee.  She is always willing to help and to suggest better ways of doing things.  She is easy to work with and set up our Business Connect environment in a robust way and provided considerable assistance on the BusinessWorks components.  Tracey also helped establish the TIBCO environment including high availability.”

– Mark Carroll, IT Solutions Architect @ Metcash Trading Limited

Udaya Uppalapati

Independently Contracting Senior TIBCO Consultant @ Ausgrid

“Udaya has shown an in-depth understanding to the TIBCO suite of products especially BW. He has a sharp eye for detail and creates with efficient solutions for complex issues.”

– Asher Ali, Project Manager & Program Manager @ Ausgrid

Warren Chen

TIBCO Software Consultant @ StarTrack

“Warren is a consultant from TIBCO but his willingness to work on both the TIBCO and non-TIBCO tasks assigned to him is a really hard to find quality in a consultant.

He deserves to be nominated and he definitely deserves the award.”

– Sam Wei, Windy Road Tech Lead & Solution Designer @ StarTrack

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